Gantry/Prop Beam Rigging Kits

Gantry/Prop Beam Rigging Kits

Designed to lift and move material, helping you to work safer and faster

This is a great choice when you have temporary lifting or supporting application at different locations from time to time. Equipment repair, construction projects and just occasional lift or support recruitment. The Aluminum Modular components can be transported to remote locations and assembled into a structure that meets your lifting requirements. We give data for each component and examples of different assemblies. All modular components pin or clamp together.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented structural aluminum profiles designed to
  • Robust Modular Components that can be assembled in a multitude of configurations
  • Standard kits
  • Example plans of a variety of units
  • Data for Modular Components


  • Hoist
  • Slings
  • Winches
  • Storage racks and transport cases

Available Kits


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