Bridge Crane Free Standing Kits

Bridge Crane Free Standing Kits

Designed to lift and move material, helping you to work safer and faster

This is a great choice for full range movement to assemble and or fabricate products giving the craftsman the ability to move parts or sub-assembles into position effortlessly, The Free-Standing Post resolves the issue of when you need to be independent of any existing structure. Our Free-Standing Bridge Crane offers maximum safety and productivity benefits, while giving you consistently balanced trolley movement. Our simple, pendulated rail hangers with fine tuning allows you to precisely adjust your system. All our Crane kits include, all the items necessary for a successful installation which truly gives your craftsman a safer and more productive work environment. Installation is simple. Our rail hangers combined with our Free-Standing Post gives you large range of adjustment. You can even relocate it to another location and quickly put it back into operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Comes as a complete Kit with instructions
  • Assembly is enjoyable and quick
  • Penulated hangers with elevation adjustment makes it easy to level your Bridge Crane
  • Articulated bridge moves your parts smoothly
  • Point contact trolleys for effortless movement
  • Open ended freestanding post design
  • Designed and built to the following standards [Download Quality Standards]


  • 3 different energy systems offered, electric bar, festooned electric, and festooned air
  • Multiple Bridges
  • Variable trolley stops
  • Rolling buffers for capacity restriction
  • Hoist/Balancers
  • Capacity from 50lb to 2,000lb


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