Youngstown, OH - 6/9/10
Advanced engineering and tooling have given Kundel Industries the ability to design a product that defines possibility. We call it istrut [call it what you will], and it delivers a smarter, faster, easier way to design and build structures… the secret is in the design.
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The next generation ofStructural design
Thank you for choosing ISTRUT:

Kundel Industries is proud to introduce the next-generation of structural design. Advanced engineering and modern tooling have enabled us to create a product that redefines possibility. We call it ISTRUT and it delivers a smarter, faster, easier way to design and build structures.

ISTRUT's crisp aluminum makeup is architecturally attractive, physically powerful and more versatile then anything on the market. Its pre-engineered patented pending design allows YOU to create applications that get the job done. Traditional systems can't compare to the performance and aesthetics of ISTRUT.


Designed for engineers...
The istrut system consists of various profiled shapes that can be assembled with fasteners, clamps, brackets, plates, and trim enabling you to build what YOU want. Your imagination is the only limitation
to what can be achieved with istrut. The unique cross-section of the strut has been designed to offer maximum strength to weight ratio with features that enable secure clamping.
Your key to endless possibility
ISTRUT can be used in many unique ways to preform limitless functions. ISTRUTs versitile design enables it to be intigrated in any industry. In the following section we provide four different industry applications. These examples have been provided to merley get your imagination pumping. Think of the ISTRUT system as a giant erectors set that is your key to endless possibilites.


Built for manufactuing...

Istrut is a modular structural shape that has a variety of connections and adapters and is architecturally attractive with high strength to weight ratio that is based on simplicity of the design. Dimensions range from 2in to 24in and many of the same connection used with standard strut material is available. This crane frame is one example of its use. Look for this new and innovative concept and design from Kundel. The istrut is a modular series of profiles that can be used in a variety of configura- tions from light-duty crane rails to modular structure assemblies



Meant to entertain...

Istrut has an unbeatable strenght to weight ratio which makes it great for quick, hassle-free, assembly & dissassembly. Plates and clamps allow for quick and easy extensions to be attached. Istrut easily hangs TVs, displays, anything you want. For this reason, istrut is choice for concerts, artshows, tradeshows... etc.